5 Things to Consider When Buying a Ping Pong Table

5 Things to Consider When Buying a Ping Pong Table

For many, having a family game room is the ultimate in-home entertainment. Whether your room is outfitted with a table for card and board games, table tennis, or ping pong, your family game room is a place where you’ll enjoy company, have fun, and build memories.

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If you’ve already got a game room that isn’t being used, you may be ready to consider buying something new to reignite interest in spending time in that space. If you don’t have a game room and are starting to build one from scratch, you’ll likely want some guidance on what to shop for, or even where to begin.

At Modloft, we’re experts in creating spaces that are supportive of both form and function. We pour our passion for design into everything we do, including our gaming tables.

One of our favorite game room tables is ping pong. Loved by virtually everyone, ping pong is easy enough for small children to enjoy and challenging enough to spark competition among your friends and family members. 

Let’s go over why a ping pong table is a great choice for a recreation room gaming table and what you should consider when buying one.

Why Choose a Ping Pong Table

Maybe you’re already a ping pong enthusiast. If not, you may still be attempting to decide what kind of gaming table is right for your space. Here are some benefits of choosing a ping pong table over other types of gaming tables. 

  • Ping pong tables are fun for all ages. Even small children can enjoy learning to coordinate hitting ping pong balls from side to side. Older adults and those with disabilities can also find ping pong enjoyable as it can be done with little movement if they are limited in mobility. 
  • Ping pong tables keep you active. No other gaming table gives you as much of a workout as a ping pong table. We aren’t saying you can substitute for gym time for a game of ping pong, but depending on the competition, you just might be able to do so. 
  • Ping pong is a game that is easier to learn and doesn’t require learning as many rules and regulations as other gaming tables. Cards can be complex, and pool can be very challenging. Depending on your level of ping pong play, you can simply aim to hit the ball back and forth. 

Ping pong is a game enjoyed worldwide. Practically every country has some form of competitive table tennis, with a world championship held by the International Table Tennis Federation each year. 

Here are some other factors which can help you make choosing a ping pong table an easier decision.

Weight and Size

Space is the biggest determining factor when it comes to selecting a gaming table. While both pool tables and ping pong tables are relatively similar in overall size, a pool table usually weighs somewhere in the vicinity of 500 pounds. 

A ping pong table can weigh as little as 50 pounds, with some more elegant tables rivaling pool table pounds. Some ping pong tables can even be folded up for storage purposes when not in use. 

A card table, on the other hand, can be one of the least space-consuming tables. A foldable card table can easily be taken out for gameplay and stored in a small space when not in use. However, you can also get larger card tables that are heavy, bulky, and will take up a great deal of space in a room.

At Modloft, our Amsterdam concrete ping pong table is somewhat of a chameleon. This is a full-sized dining table made of fiberglass and concrete that also happens to be an official regulation-size ping pong table. Invite your guests over for a quick game of table tennis and then surprise them by removing the steel net and revealing a stunning dining table.

The outdoor Amsterdam weighs 586 pounds and the indoor option clocks in at 588 pounds.

Final vote: If you are limited on space and/or would prefer a table that can easily be moved around, a ping pong table is likely a better option.


You’ve likely already set a budget for your gaming table, and cost may be the biggest determining factor in helping you select a table. 

A card table can be your least expensive option. A fold-up card table can cost as little as $30, with larger wooden models costing as much as several thousand dollars. 

A pool table will generally cost upwards of $1,000, with some models costing close to $10,000.

A ping pong table is a cost-effective option that falls in a comfortable price range, with many options available for under $1,000, and more elite, designer options available for under $5,000. 

Final vote: Each person’s budget is specific, but for a mid-price range table, the ping pong table will give you more for your money.


The number of players you want to accommodate can be a huge factor in determining what type of gaming table to purchase. If you want to host multiple players, a pool table may not be a viable option. Pool is a one on one game that requires two players (potentially four if you decide to play doubles). 

Ping pong can easily accommodate up to four players each time you play. No player is ever left out for a round, which means everyone gets continual play action. 

While a card game may include more players, it will be specific to each card game.

Final vote: A ping pong table allows a comfortable amount of guests to have game play continually, without having to wait for other players to take turns. 

5 Things to Consider When Buying a Ping Pong Table

When you’re ready to find a ping pong table for your home recreation space, you’ve got many options. Ping pong table options range from very inexpensive to deluxe. Here are five things you need to consider when you’re ready to start shopping. 

1. Play Surface

Regardless of whether or not you decide on an inexpensive or pricier model, your ping pong table’s play surface matters. 

Ping pong table surfaces range in thickness from ½” to 1”, with ¾” being the bare minimum you should consider. Anything thinner may easily warp or damage after use, especially if your ping pong table will be used outdoors. 

The material you play on matters, too. Most inexpensive ping pong tables will be crafted from particleboard. This is an effective surface, but a higher quality surface will be more durable and last longer. 

Modloft’s Amsterdam ping pong table, for instance, has a surface made of engineered concrete and fiberglass. It’s virtually indestructible and can be used both indoors and outdoors. 

2. Frame

The frame of your ping pong table must be constructed of a material that will not only support the top, but also will keep it stable during play. This is crucial, as many inexpensive tables have chassis that simply aren’t constructed with enough durable material to keep them from moving around. 

Modloft uses powder-coated steel infinity legs to support our Amsterdam ping pong table, giving it not only durability and stability but a beautiful, modern appeal that looks understated and elegant in any space. 

3. Storage

If you are limited on space, considering a fold-up ping pong table can be a good option. However, it’s important to note that you will lose a considerable amount of quality by opting for a fold-up design. 

If you’re considering a fold-up for the “true playback” options, our advice is to be extremely picky. Some ping pong tables that feature this solo play option aren’t crafted such that it is actually effective due to the proximity of the net and the folded back surface. 

4. Indoor or Outdoor Use

Whether or not you plan to use your table indoors or outdoors is another deciding factor when purchasing a ping pong table. It goes without saying that an outdoor ping pong table will likely be constructed of weather-resistant materials and have been treated to withstand harsh conditions.

Modloft’s Amsterdam ping pong table is available in both indoor and outdoor options and can also convert to a dining table when not in use for gameplay. The Amsterdam bench pairs beautifully with the table for dining purposes, making it multi-use whether you decide on the indoor or outdoor option. 

5. Netting

Netting is important. Pick a table that has low-quality netting,  and you’ll find you need to repair it often. A good-quality table will have sturdy netting that is always in place. 

The Amsterdam table does away with netting in lieu of an engineered steel centerpiece that is both beautiful and minimalist in design. You’ll never worry about damaging your net again. 

The Bottom Line

Investing in a ping pong table is a decision you won’t regret. You’ll want to make sure you invest in a quality table that you and your guests can enjoy for years to come and that doesn’t require much maintenance and care. 

The Amsterdam ping pong table from Modloft is low maintenance, understated, and easily converts to a dining table for you and your guests. It’s a great option for indoor or outdoor use.   



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