How to Choose New Bedroom Furniture

How to Choose New Bedroom Furniture

A new space calls for new furniture, but whether you’re moving into a new space or simply leveling up your bedroom set, choosing new bedroom furniture can be exhausting.

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A new space calls for new furniture, but whether you’re moving into a new space or simply leveling up your bedroom set, choosing new bedroom furniture can be exhausting. 

If you decide to go the traditional route, you’ll end up in a showroom full of cookie-cutter options that aren’t quite what you want but that you’ll probably be persuaded to buy after a twenty minutes sales pitch.

Choose a “buy the room” store, and you may find you have a single piece of furniture you love and a bunch of other pieces you don’t. 

Order something sight unseen from a retailer you aren’t familiar with, and you run the risk of ending up with a bedroom set that doesn’t fit your space and may not be returnable in some cases. 

At Modloft, we feel the frustration. It’s why we not only design beautiful pieces that you’ll love the instant you receive them, we also offer an in-home, risk-free trial. If you don’t love the furniture in your particular space, you can simply return it or exchange it. 

Just to let you know… we rarely get returns. Our customers agree, our furniture is crafted with obsessive precision and beautiful design. 

When it’s time to choose new bedroom furniture, we’ve got you covered. We’ll talk about what types of bedroom furniture are available, what you actually need, and how to decide on the perfect pieces for your room.

How to Choose New Bedroom Furniture: The Basics

The first step in choosing bedroom furniture is determining what you need. From beds to bureaus, we’ve got you covered. We’ll explain what different pieces of bedroom furniture are and how they are used.


It’s foundational, the key element of your bedroom. It goes without saying your bedroom will have a bed, and you have options from twin to California king. Choosing your bed will be determined mostly by two factors:

  1. The size of your room. You may want a king-sized bed, but if your room is too small, it will look overpowering and might not even allow for other furniture in the space.
    A good rule of thumb is to make sure that you have at least 30 inches around each side of your bed that isn’t against a wall. This is the amount of space that should be around your bed in between it and any pieces of furniture across from it.
    Keep in mind that this amount of space is the minimum for safety and comfort. You may want more space for your own style.
  2. Number of sleeping occupants. If you are outfitting your own bedroom, your comfort level and preference will determine what size bed you’ll want. However, if you are outfitting a guest bedroom, it’s a smart choice to ensure you have enough sleeping space for a couple.
    A comfortable guest bed is queen size, but a full will do if you are limited on space. 

Once you decide the size bed you can fit in your space, you can narrow down the style you’d like. We recommend you pick your bed first and build your room around it. 


The second most foundational piece of your bedroom set will be your dresser (or dressers). You may need just one if your bedroom has single occupancy, or two if you have more than one person sharing the space, or simply want extra storage. 

Again, there are easy ways to determine the size and kind of dresser you can fit. Your dresser should fit against a wall, as should the head of your bed. Your dresser should be a size that does not extend into the 30-inch space around your bed. 

There are two types of dressers available that are most popularly chosen. 

  1. Horizontal. Horizontal dressers usually feature 2-3 drawers in one single row. They are ideal for single users, or for additional storage in a bedroom where a double dresser is already in use.
    Horizontal dressers can also look elegant when paired together in the same room, giving two people access to two separate dressers.
  2. Double dressers. Double dressers are the most popular and most space-efficient type of dresser available. Double dressers look like two horizontal dressers attached in the middle. They usually feature at least six drawers, three on one side and three on the other.
    Sometimes a double dresser will feature smaller lingerie or undergarment drawers at the top. 

Pairing your dresser to your bedroom is easy when you shop at Modloft. We design pieces that coordinate without looking like they were part of a “buy the entire room” set. 


Your nightstand is essential, even if you are a minimalist. A nightstand provides functionality (a place for a cup or a lamp) and also helps create a warm and inviting bedroom space. 

If you are preparing a room for one occupant, it’s still a great idea to use two nightstands. Using one can look unbalanced. 

Additionally, if you are outfitting a guest room, you won’t know for certain the side of the bed your guest prefers to sleep on, so you could have a single nightstand on the wrong side. 

With those considerations in mind, you can easily pick a nightstand by determining:

  1. How much space you have. You can’t cram a massive, traditional wooden nightstand into a contemporary bedroom with a very small amount of space. Using the rule of 30 inches around your bed, you can allocate a nightstand to fit into that space on either side at the head of the bed. 
  2. How much surface space is needed. If you plan to use your nightstand for piles of books, a charging station, your favorite coaster, and a lamp, you’ll need to make sure the nightstand you pick can accommodate it. 

Choose a nightstand that is both appealing and conforms to the style of your room while also being functional. Your nightstand is actually one of the most hardworking pieces of furniture in your bedroom, so it is important to get it right. 

Extra Pieces, Tips and Tricks

The basics of your room (bed, dresser, and nightstands) are now in place. Now it’s time to get even more creative. You can add functional design accents to your bedroom that help keep it open, inviting, and comfortable. 


It’s no secret, decorating with mirrors makes a room look open and keeps light flowing in and out of a space. The current trend in large floor mirrors means you’ll not only get a beautiful mirror to decorate your space, you’ll also have a functional mirror to use for getting ready each morning. 

Look for mirrors that are sturdy and safe. If you don’t have space for a floor mirror, you can opt for a mirror that hangs over your dresser. Modloft makes both types of mirrors in unexpected finishes and frames. 


If you’ve got the space to accommodate (remember the 30-inch rule), a bench is another great accent option for your bedroom. Not only does a bench offer a simplistic, modern touch to your room, it’s also incredibly functional and can quickly become your favorite place to put on your shoes or adjust your tie. 

A bench is also a great idea if you want to have a seating space in your room and cannot fit a large accent chair. A bench gives you seating without taking up much of that sacred 30-inch space perimeter. 


Rugs are often overlooked in the bedroom, largely because numerous bedrooms are already carpeted. However, a rug can still perform beautifully and intentionally on a carpeted surface just as well as on a solid surface. 

Rugs tie your room together and make it look complete. In a bedroom, the rug should be 3 feet smaller on each side than the size of your room. As such, a room that measures 12X12 would need an area rug that measures 9X9.

Final Thoughts

You can easily get the great bedroom furniture you want without having to settle for a package deal at a furniture showroom. At Modloft, we make it easy to coordinate a la carte pieces to create a room that looks intentionally and beautifully designed. 

Our modern finishes and unique designs inspire your creativity, helping you build spaces that are inviting, comfortable, and never boring. 

If you’re still struggling to find inspiration, check out our style inspiration page, curated by our clients. Our designs can fit into any home or space easily, and if you find that a particular piece isn’t working out, we’ll help you find a better fit. 

You can design the bedroom of your dreams with a little guidance, help, and high-quality, modern pieces from Modloft. 



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