This is the official Modloft coupon & discount code page. Many online coupon sites may claim to have coupons or discounts, but only this page contains all active offers. Modloft does not offer coupons or promotion codes through these other sites. The experience is based on providing excellent service, while offering a large selection of elite modern furniture like beds, sofas, coffee tables and more.
There are many reasons promo codes and coupons are not offered via third party websites. Modloft seeks to add value by offering no restocking fees, speedy fulfillment once an order is placed and a worry-free guarantee. We want to ensure you love the furniture you've ordered. If you return an item and you'd like a replacement, we'll even have our design team help you find the perfect fit. Customer service is available by email, live chat and phone.
Some sites may offer you " Coupons" without these benefits. There are a handful of commonly used terms to look out for:
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We greatly value the experience, and we hope you will too. Our store offers modern furniture with a flexible return policy, free shipping both ways, fast shipping, a beautiful and wide selection, user reviews to base your decisions on, and of course our customer service team of designers and architects. These benefits ensure a level of service that we feel supersedes the value of a coupon.
You are welcome to peruse our policies in the FAQ section of our website. Although you won't find discount codes on the site (with the exception of a modest introductory offer when you sign up for our mailing list), you will find many reasons to shop with us. We are dedicated to serving you and providing you an outstanding modern furniture shopping experience!