5 Popular Contemporary Living Room Furniture
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5 Popular Contemporary Living Room Furniture

The floral skirted couch and sponge-painted walls are tell-tale signs that your living room is in dire need of a makeover. You long for something more en vogue, but shopping for furniture feels les...
A modern living room that features an ottoman and glass coffee table.
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Ottoman vs. Coffee Table: Which Should You Use in Your Living Room?

Most living rooms will have either an ottoman or a coffee table, or perhaps a combination of both. To determine which you should use in your space, we’ll explore the pros and cons of each and expla...
A modern wooden coffee table in front of a grey couch.
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Cocktail Table vs. Coffee Table: What's the Difference?

We’ll help you navigate between cocktail tables, coffee tables and give you a little history to spark a conversation the next time you host guests around the table of your choice.