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Pietro Barollo

Style and quality that are unmistakably Italian. Tactile materials such as antique wood, glass and steel. Refined design. These are the elements which give form to the new range of tables and matching chairs designed for Modloft. Different styles, ranging from new romantic to urban, from natural chic to vintage, each and every products interprets a different mood. Your mood.

Latest Designs
Udine Bar Stool
Enna Chair
Lucca Chair
Bari Table
Firenze Table
Vieste Dining Chair
Bruno Faucz

Bruno Faucz, from Santa Catarina, Brazil, grew up with a paper and pencil always in hand, fascinated by the creative world. Following his postgraduate degree in Furniture Design through the Master International Design program in partnership with renowned Italian institutions, Bruno opened his own design studio named after him. It is based on three principles: Market, Industry, and Design. Bruno is always seeking to bring products that are complete in their multiple stages, from the production to daily use in people's homes. His main goal is to share his creativity and continue learning about this amazing profession.

Latest Designs
Charlton Bench
Allen Lounge Chair
Duane Chair
Marcelo Ligieri

When I'm designing, I'm inspired by everything: nature, cars, architecture. I love that modern design is practical, objective, and impactful. People experience the home and its furniture every day, and that influences the quality of one's life.

Latest Designs
Sanctuary Bar Stool
Sloane Stool
Sloane Stool
Carey Bench
Adelphi Coffee Tables
Berkeley Coffee Table
Berkeley Coffee Tables
Sullivan Coffee Table
Hanover Console
Hanover Console
Langham Chair
Oxford Chair
Sanctuary Chair
Sanctuary Chair
Sidney Chair
Sloane Chair
Beech Table
Berkeley Table
Curzon Table
Curzon Table
Sullivan Table
Elmstead Lounge Chair
Kent Lounge Chair
Oakley Lounge Chair
Sidney Lounge Chair
York Lounge Chair
Foster Mirror
Foster Mirror
George Mirror
George Mirror
Adelphi Side Tables
Berkeley Side Table
Hatton Side Table
Sullivan Side Table
Urd Moll Gundermann

Hailing from the esteemed Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Urd Moll Gundermann is lead designer and product developer at rug maker Linie Design. Linie Design rugs, renown for their originality and simplicity, are handmade in India using authentic traditional craftsmanship. Linie Design is a member of CARE & FARE, an organization that fights illegal child labor and to improve the living conditions of carpet knotters and their families.

Latest Designs
Aimi Rug
Aimi Rug
Brilliant Rug
Brilliant Rug
Channel Rug
Channel Rug
Charm Rug
Charm Rug
Dynasty Rug
Dynasty Rug
Fuller Rug
Fuller Rug
Gelato Rug
Graduation Rug
Maltino Rug
Maltino Rug
Marmo Rug
Jose Margulis

What I seek to provide is a moment for self reflection; a brief visual meditation that allows one to recharge. Geometric designs have no cultural barriers and speak to a shared humanity. I like to believe my work is a soothing response to the the speed of our lives, a necessary pit stop to reclaim inner peace and perspective of our souls.

Latest Designs
Fish Scale
Urban Portal
Vanessa Martins

Vanessa Martins studied architecture and uses her furniture design to express her ideas and senses on living well. Vanessa won several prestigious design awards, including the Brazil Design Award, Good Design Award and IF Product Design Award. In search of constant improvement in her work, Vanessa continued her education in surface design, which provides limitless new possibilities for her creations.

Latest Designs
Morton Ottoman
Pitt Pouf
Platt Lounge Chair
Dominick Sleeper
Fabricio Roncca

Considered a "Design Hero" in his native Brazil, Fabricio Roncca searches for beauty, sustainability, and balance of materials to affect space. Inspired by Brazilian architecture, Fabricio has won several international furniture design awards, including the coveted A'Design Award in 2019.

Latest Designs
Chatham Lounge Chair
Vitoria Accent Chair
Stefano Sandona

Stefano SandonĂ  designs express a dialogue between opposing design principles and the elements of contemporary culture. Stefano's inspiration comes from his travels; in particular, the architecture and landscapes that translates into winding objects, intense colors and sensory trends.

Latest Designs
Christie Lounge Chair
Ronald Sasson

Internationally recognized having won the prestigous German Design Award and IF Design Award, plus a finalist in Brazil's Museu da Casa Brasileira, Brazilian designer Ronald Sasson has experienced a wave of success in recent years. Ronald pushes the boundaries of design with ultra thin profiles, refined metals, and exotic wood finishes to produce truly eye catching furniture-as-art.

Latest Designs
Belmont Bench
Cowley Stool
Gerrard Bench
Norbury Bench
Soho Bench
Beckenham Coffee Table
Belvedere Coffee Tables
Bouverie Coffee Table
Crayford Coffee Table
Finsbury Coffee Tables
Finsbury Coffee Table I
Finsbury Coffee Table II
Kensington Coffee Table
Leyton Coffee Tables
Leyton Coffee Table I
Leyton Coffee Table II
Longford Coffee Table
Millbank Coffee Table
Romney Coffee Table
Beckenham Console
Kensington Console
Kensington Sofa Console
Arundel Pendant Lamp
Belgrave Pendant Lamp
Biju Centerpiece
Dover Pendant Lamp
Ebury Pendant Lamp
Endell Spirits Server
Harley Table Lamp
Balfour Table Lamp
Moringa Centerpiece
Pistache Centerpiece
Slice Centerpiece
Spin Centerpiece
Step Centerpiece
Camden Table
Devereux Dining Table
Greenwich Table
Greenwich Table
Greenwich Dining Table II
Lisson Dining Table
Preston Dining Table
Wembley Dining Table
Bradhurst Lounge Chair
Bradhurst Lounge Chair
James Accent Chair
Tiemann Lounge Chair
Vesey Lounge Chair
Beckenham Media Cabinet
Beckenham Media Cabinet
Chiswick Media Cabinet
Coleman Mirror
Hackney Mirror
Hackney Mirror
Hampton Desk
Dey Side Table
Dey Side Table
Dey Side Tables
Finsbury Side Table
Highbury Side Table
Highbury Side Table
Highbury Side Tables
Horatio Side Table
Jones Side Table
Kingston Side Table
Nassau Side Table
Upton Side Table
Barnes Sideboard
Brixton Sideboard
Kenley Sideboard
Kenley Sideboard II
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