Glass vs. Wood Dining Table: Which is Better for You

By Steven Bertoni | December 28, 2021

Selecting a dining table for your space is a relatively big decision in terms of home decor. Your family will spend many hours in this space, engaging over meals and sharing each other’s lives. 

While you want a dining table that is aesthetically appealing and fits nicely into your existing decor, you need something that is functional when you need it to be. 

Two of the most popular options for dining tables are glass and wood tables. To help you decide which is the best option for your needs, we’ve outlined the pros and cons of each type of table and given you some considerations to think about when making your decision. 

Glass Dining Tables

A beautiful glass-top dining table looks elegant and sophisticated, while keeping the energy in a room flowing from ceiling to floor. Glass is a beautiful surface for a dining table and can be the perfect fit for the right home and family. 

Glass Dining Table Pros

Glass Dining Table Cons

One To Try

We love the Camden dining table for its beautiful, sculptural design, wood veneer pedestal base, and clean lines. The Camden also offers the luxury of a square, glass dining table with safer, softer rounded edges and beveled edges. The look of modern luxury extends to the underside of the table, which is covered with a high gloss lacquer to extend the visual appeal of the table.  This table can seat between eight to ten. 

Wood Dining Tables

Wood dining tables are traditional, standard, and ambient. They offer durability, beauty, and a noticeable design. A wood table anchors a room and provides a space for decades of memories to be made. 



One to Try

The stunning, understated elegance of the Devereux dining table is remarkable. The construction of this wooden table is modern with a traditional feel. 

This table is large enough to fit multiple guests or a large family. The base features elegant brass elements that are bold in design yet blend perfectly with the table and the remainder of your dining room decor. 

How to Decide Which is Best for You

If you’re still stuck halfway between glass and wood, here are some ideas to consider that can help you make your decision easier. 

Final Thoughts

Both glass and wood dining tables are elegant, functional, and beautiful. You can determine which is best for you with a little help brainstorming about your family and space. Trust Modloft to help you find the best pieces to fit every space of your home. 



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