Modern Sofas: Complete Buyers Guide

By Samantha Todd | December 28, 2021

The parts of your home you love the most are the places you’ll end up spending the majority of your time. Almost everyone can agree, a cozy sofa can make (or break) your living room or den. Your sofa is the centerpiece of the room, and if you don’t select one that’s both visually appealing and functional (read: comfortable), it’s unlikely you or your guests will ever intentionally spend time there.

At Modloft, we believe a sofa has the power of invitation. A great sofa invites you to sit, relax, and be still in your home. Only a sofa that has incredible design and structure has this ability, and it’s why we’re so passionate about our designs. 

Our belief that if you surround yourself with beautiful and intentional things, your life will be beautiful and intentional is poured into every piece of furniture we offer, including our sofas. We can help you determine the best modern sofa for your space and create a haven in your home where you enjoy your favorite drink or conversation with your favorite person. 

We’ll discuss the aspects of the modern sofa, its design and construction, and how you can shop for the perfect one for your home. 

What Makes a Sofa “Modern?”

Modern furniture style is easily identifiable if you know the key components of its design and structure. Modern design originated in the immediate post-World War II era and reflects the “less is more” mentality of that time period. 

As the focus shifted from opulence and tradition, the style of furniture reflected the shift in mentality. Ornate flourishes typical of traditional furniture from the victorian era were replaced by clean, geometric lines, simplistic designs, and minimalist pieces that focused on function and form as of equal importance. 

Aesthetic appeal was a natural byproduct of the use of symmetry, natural finishes, and unexpected materials like steel, plastic, and even stone and concrete. 

Modern sofas feature a very distinct Scandanavian design, with a sleek look and low-profile. Many modern sofas will sit several inches from the floor, exposing legs crafted from either natural wood or steel, and upholstery options are usually leather, cotton-poly blends, and tweeds.

Modern sofas are beautiful focal points for any room, but remain understated enough to allow other design features of your room to gather attention. 

How to Pick a Modern Sofa

Picking a sofa isn’t something you should do without forethought. Understated as it may be, the sofa is a large piece of furniture, one of the largest pieces in your home, and it will ultimately become a focal point whether it is intended to be or not. 

If you pick the correct sofa, the design energy in your home will flow beautifully. If you pick a sofa that doesn’t fit quite well with the rest of your home’s design, it can become an eyesore and give the entire space that surrounds it an unbalanced feel. 

You can avoid sofa pitfalls by using our simple, four-step guide for selecting a great modern sofa for your home.  

1. Consider Your Home’s Existing Decorative Style

Unless you’re planning a major design overhaul, you’ll need your sofa to blend with the remainder of your home’s style and furniture. It doesn’t have to match perfectly, as though it were part of a furniture suite you bought at a big-box furniture store, but it shouldn’t be so obviously unmatched that it becomes distracting. 

You can easily accommodate a modern sofa in virtually any home design by following a few simple tips: 

2. Consider Your Personal Needs

If you live alone and rarely entertain, you may not need a sectional sofa. If you have a large family or a large living room space, you may need a sectional or a pair of sofas. If you’re a bit clueless about your specific needs, here are some points to consider.

3. Know The Size Before You Shop

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of shopping for new furniture, but if you aren’t careful, you could end up with a sofa that absolutely doesn’t fit your living space. Before you begin your search, measure the space where you will place your sofa. 

As a general rule, your sofa shouldn’t take up an entire wall. There should be at least 1.5 feet of space on either side of the sofa; otherwise, it can look out of place. Your sofa should also not obstruct walkways, doorways, windows, or architectural design features. 

To allow for walking space, you should plan for about three feet of walking room between the sofa and any adjoining furniture, like coffee tables or lounge chairs. 

Avoid the “too small” pitfall. Your sofa shouldn’t be too large for your space, but on the other hand, it is definitely possible to buy a sofa that is too small. Generally speaking, your sofa should be about two-thirds the size of the entire room. 

4. Know Your Color Palette

It goes without saying that selecting a good color for your sofa is extremely important. The benefit of modern furniture is that it is traditionally neutral in color scheme. This makes it extremely easy to pair modern furniture with practically any color scheme you currently have in your home. 

If you’re having difficulty matching colors, you can opt to use a color wheel. Using a color wheel can help you determine which colors coordinate with one another, which complement each other, and which combinations should be avoided. 

When considering your sofa color, here are some ideas to keep in mind.

Bringing it Home

To truly make a modern sofa yours, accessorize it to make it more personal. From adding throw pillows and blankets to choosing side tables that hold your favorite whiskey and cigar perfectly, the options to make your modern sofa look truly “you” are endless. 

Where to Buy

You can shop for your modern sofa (and accessories) at Modloft. Our designers have created some of the most visually stunning sofas available on the market. No matter what size or style sofa you need, we have options.

Our sofas are built to last and constructed from the highest quality materials. Our designs are new, unique, and inviting. You’ll find a level of comfort with our modern sofas that you’ll be hard-pressed to find anywhere else. We’re insistent that the materials we use on our sofas keep them comfortable, functional, and durable for years to come. 

You’ve got a plethora of options when searching for a modern sofa. Take the guesswork out of it by using our guide and shopping the selection of contemporary modern sofas at Modloft. 



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