Modern Dining Room Sets Ultimate Buyers Guide

By Steven Bertoni | December 28, 2021

Dining rooms and their accompanying furniture are enjoying a huge comeback in popularity. Although the late 1990s saw a change from using the dining room for family meals to gathering in a breakfast nook or around the television, more and more people are returning to the table to enjoy their meals with their loved ones or to simply enjoy a moment of solace amidst a busy day. 

Your current dining room set has probably seen a lot of great moments. Birthdays, holiday dinners, and out-of-town guests have likely all shared a meal on the glossy oak top, which is likely peppered with knicks and scratches. 

As beloved as this piece of furniture may be, you know it’s time to replace it with something a little more contemporary. A modern dining room set is the perfect solution for updating your current dining room and adding elegance, style, and sophistication to your room.

Your dining room set isn’t just functional; it’s also a centerpiece in your home. The dining room is one of the most polished rooms in your home, and because the dining set usually takes the space of the entire room, it’s important for it to be aesthetically pleasing as well as highly functional. 

Selecting a new dining room set can be overwhelming, but we can help. The team of expert designers at Modloft can help you find a beautiful, modern dining set to host your family and guests for decades to come. 

We’ll cover what makes a dining room set modern, items to consider when shopping for a modern dining set, and how to pick the perfect one for your space. 

What Makes a Dining Room Set Modern?

Modern furniture style focuses on simplicity, form, function, and practicality. Often crafted from natural materials like wood, leather, concrete, glass, and metal, modern furniture features artistry in the form of clean, geometric lines and visually light and neutral tones. 

Modern furniture frowns upon unnecessary flourishes; you won’t find highly ornate woodworking or extremely detailed hardware. Instead, you will find designs that are minimalist, practical, and understated yet striking in appearance. 

A modern dining room set will focus most on the practicality and function of the piece. The table and chairs will feature clean, polished lines that are unobstructed from details of traditional furniture, like highly detailed carved pedestal bases or ornate detailing on the top of the table.

Chairs are usually equally simplistic in design and have a slight mid-century modern look. Modern chairs don’t feature hand-carved wood backs or ornate spindles. Instead, they offer solid backs, engaged arms on chairs, and straight or tapered legs. 

Now that you’re familiar with modern style, it’s time to learn how to select a modern dining room set for your space.

How to Select a Modern Dining Room Set

You could hire an interior designer, or you could use this simple guide to help you select the perfect modern dining room set to compliment your home’s existing decorative style and fit your needs. Here’s what you should consider when searching for the perfect modern dining room set.


Your home’s existing style will dictate the type of modern dining room set you should buy. If your home is filled with more traditional furnishings, buying a modern dining room set crafted from cement and steel may look a bit out of place. 

Thankfully, the realm of modern furniture is vast, so finding a set that pairs nicely with whatever style you currently have is easy. The idea is to keep the style of your house cohesive and allow the design to blend from one room to the next. 

You can easily add a modern dining set to even the most traditionally outfitted spaces by following these tips:


How your modern dining room set is made is extremely important. While many modern dining room sets are built from heavy-duty materials like concrete, solid wood, and steel, modern design also employs the use of lightweight or fragile materials like plastic and glass. 

When considering the proper material, here are a few questions to ask.


Once you’ve narrowed down your options by style and material, it’s important to focus on size. Your dining table should be scaled to fit your room. The ideal dining room set will leave at least three feet of space around the entire perimeter. In other words, the space between the next piece of furniture or wall and the back of the chair (the part that extends out the farthest) should be at least three feet. 

Each guest should have approximately two feet of table space to eat, allowing for elbow room and comfortable conversation. 

It’s also important to consider how often you’ll be entertaining. If your family of four often has additional guests for holidays or parties, you may want to consider purchasing a modern extendable table and few additional dining chairs for these times. 


You know the style you like, the material you need, and the space you have, so you can now decide upon a shape. The shape of your table is purely a matter of personal style and choice. While rectangular dining room tables are the most popular, offer plenty of seating, and fit well in practically any room, many people prefer a round table which allows for a more comfortable, less formal setting. 

Round tables may also be a good fit for smaller rooms because their curved design can help the room feel more open. Using a round table in a smaller room may also allow you to fit a sideboard, which can really make better use of storage space and alleviate the burden of storing additional china in your kitchen cabinets. 

Where to Buy

You can shop for modern dining room sets at Modloft. Our designers are obsessed with creating modern dining sets that blend classic modern design with a contemporary feel. Our dining room sets range in size, shape, and material. Chairs, tables, and sideboards are offered as individual pieces, so you can create the custom dining room space that best suits your needs instead of being boxed in by cookie-cutter dining room suites. 

Your dining room should be a place where you are comfortable and should invite your family members and guests to a space where conversation flows as freely as the wine. A modern dining room set can help your dining area look polished, updated, and warm. 



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