The Most Standout Ways to Elevate Your Dining Room Decor

By Steven Bertoni | December 28, 2021

Your formal dining room either sees a lot of meals or none at all. This type of all-or-nothing mentality seems to dominate the American family’s dining room. However, in recent years the dining room has experienced an increase in popularity as more and more people return to one to it to enjoy their meals. 

Maybe it’s the fast and furious pace of our lifestyles. Maybe it’s the constant distraction of media and mobile devices. Whatever the reason, more of us are opting to enjoy our meals in our dining rooms, either to enjoy the silence of our own company or to engage in conversation with the people who matter most. 

A dining room that is outdated, however, doesn’t stand a chance of seeing any of this action unless it gets a fresh remake. A dining area that is outfitted with a table that isn’t the correct size or shape, doesn’t have a fresh, contemporary look, or is too formal for a weeknight evening meal can remain empty and dark. 

If your dining room needs a makeover, we can help. The experienced designers at Modloft are responsible for some of the most contemporary dining room sets available. Made from unexpected materials like concrete, marble, steel, and wood, our dining room tables and coordinating chairs make a statement without being ostentatious. 

When it’s time to remake your dining room, follow these simple guidelines. 

Take Furniture Inventory

The best way to start your dining room redo is by taking inventory of your current dining room furniture, paying attention to what you currently have, and deciding what will stay and what will be replaced. 

Maybe you have decided that your current table is more of a family heirloom and simply needs to be sanded and refinished to fit your new motif. Or maybe it’s more traditional in style and doesn’t with the contemporary feel of your home. 

A dining set that feels outdated can also get a facelift by the simple replacement of chairs. Chairs that have a more contemporary feel can bring life to an outdated dining table and completely change the feel of the room. 

If you aren’t sure if you need a new dining set, here are some items to consider.

Additional Dining Room Furniture

When it comes to dining room furniture, you aren’t limited to a dining table and chairs. You can also add accent furniture and a sideboard to your dining room. A sideboard is a great way to add additional storage for china, stemware, and flatware that isn’t often used or that is overflow from the kitchen cupboards. 

To Paint, or Not to Paint

It goes without saying that a coat of fresh paint makes every room look fresh and rejuvenated. Instead of coating the walls with the same color you’ve had, consider using something fresh and new. A warm melon color or a crisp mint green can serve as a beautiful accent wall color. 

You can opt to paint the entire room or just use an accent wall. For particularly small spaces, an accent wall allows you to use color without crowding the room, closing it in, and making it feel smaller. 

Chairs and tables can be sanded and repainted, too. A farmhouse chic interior, for instance, thrives on white, distressed furniture accents. 

Focus on the Focal Point

The focal point of your room can be the dining table and chair set, a beautifully decorated wall, or a table centerpiece. Whatever you decide upon, allow the entire room to develop around that focal point, and your dining room will look balanced. Stuck pondering what to use for a focal point? Here are a few ideas. 

Updated Lighting

Look up. Your current dining room lighting is probably a little less than eye-catching. Updating your current lighting can dramatically change the look of your dining room without costing much or requiring a lot of effort. 

Some options to consider? 

Make sure your lighting coordinates. In other words, it’s a bad idea to have overhead lighting that emits clean, white light and a lamp that gives off a warm glow. The lighting will mix and create an unpleasant-looking hue. 

Use natural light to help keep your dining room open and airy. If you use window treatments on the windows in your dining room, opt for blinds, shades, or drapes that are easily tied back to allow natural light to flow in. 

Raise the Bar

Some dining spaces feature bars or counters perfect for before (or after) dinner drinks. Encourage more time in these spaces by making them feel welcoming. Comfortable, functional seating is a great way to invite people to gather. A charcuterie tray with your favorite selections makes this spot a great place to unwind. 

Spark Conversation

The ideal dining room contains purposeful pieces that spark conversation. You can find everything you need to outfit your contemporary dining room at Modloft. Our designers obsess over every detail of our pieces, from materials to finishing touches, so what you bring home has been created with integrity, precision, and passion. 

We also offer a thirty-day in-home trial, so you can be certain (really, really certain) that the piece you loved in-store or online is even more lovable at home. 

Elevating your dining room is a tough job that just got a little easier. Use our guide and check out the Modloft gallery for design inspiration and helpful tips. 



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