Large Living Room Decor Ideas

By Samantha Todd | December 28, 2021

A large, open floor plan is probably one of the most highly sought-after features in a home. Open floor plans encourage gathering, socializing, and mingling. They allow people, energy, and light to flow freely from one space to the next with no interruption. 

The challenge of outfitting a large living space is deciding how to properly decorate it without it ending up cluttered or empty. There’s a very unique challenge in planning a large living room. This room will host gatherings and will likely be the place in your home you spend the most time. 

Your living room should be warm, aesthetically pleasing, and well-appointed. At the same time, comfort and functionality top the list of important features. You’ll likely have media in your living room, and the seating arrangement should allow for everyone to view it. You’ll also want to make sure that if the tv isn’t in use, the room is suitable for encouraging conversation. 

Is it possible to have both? We think so. Modloft designers are obsessed with bringing quality and excellence to our pieces and delivering furniture and accessories that are functional, modern, understated, and elegant. Our furniture creates living spaces that are functional and stylish in design simultaneously. 

We’ve got design ideas to help inspire your large living room. You can create a space where your family and guests love to congregate without sacrificing aesthetics or functionality. Here are several ways to decorate a large living room.

Layer Up

Decorating a large space is difficult, and because it requires the use of larger pieces (think large wall hangings, larger sofas, area rugs), your room can end up looking two dimensional. This doesn’t allow the room to feel warm, cozy, or inviting. It can end up looking flat and calculated. 

Instead, opt for layers in your design. Layering means adding different colors and textures to your room so that it looks multidimensional and comfortable. A larger room is the perfect space to use a heavily textured rug beneath an elegant leather sofa. Add additional texture by securing the room with a bi-level coffee table to add depth. 

Finishing touches can be large throw pillows in different fabrics like chunky knit or complementary leather. The takeaway is to use a plethora of different textures and fabrics to give the room more volume. 

Go Big

You can be a minimalist and still fill a space with appropriately sized furniture. A larger room begs for larger pieces. If your space accommodates a sectional sofa and two lounge chairs, a two-seat sofa will likely look out of place. 

When measuring furniture for your room, a good rule of thumb is to account for 18 inches between your sofa and coffee table, between 3.5 and 10 feet of space between each seating area in your space to properly facilitate conversation. Your tv should be about 7 feet from the main sofa. 

The idea is to fill the space without making it feel crowded, so less is more. Opt for sectional sofas in lieu of multiple sofas and chairs and larger-sized coffee tables to anchor the furniture in the room. 

Be Wise With the Walls

It goes without saying that a large room will have large open wall space. It also goes without saying that your first inclination is likely to hang a massive piece of art on those walls. That isn’t a wrong decision; large wall art can instantly become a conversation starter and can bring beauty to the room, drawing attention upward.

However, there are other ways to use your wall space that will help preserve the wall space and add functionality to it. A wall unit is a great option for a large, empty wall space that doesn’t require a lot of interior design know-how but will make a statement, look fabulous, and serve as your media storage. 

Using your walls for storage isn’t just a small-space must; it’s a smart way to keep a large room free from clutter that can easily accumulate. 

Lastly, you can opt for using mirrors to cover large wall space. Mirrors can make a room feel inviting and warm. 


Plants and greenery are always a welcome addition to any space, and using larger houseplants in your space is a great way to use space effectively without the use of overpowering decor. Larger ficus trees and potted plants make beautiful, natural additions to any room and give an outdoorsy feel to your room. 

Pro tip: avoid greenery and plant mishaps. Don’t use plants that require a lot of upkeep, like pruning, unless you have the time to properly care for them; they’ll end up looking more like an eyesore. 

Also, be careful with fake flowers and plants. There are beautiful, life-like artificial plants available, but there are also plenty that are obviously fake and will look obviously fake in your home. 

Lastly, stick to green plants and trees. If you opt for a colored flower, whether it is artificial or living, it will not remain evergreen and eventually change the entire look of the room. 

Easy Division

Make your large room work for you by creating two separate spaces in the same room. This is especially convenient if you would like to use a portion of your space for media viewing and the other portion as an area for conversation, games, or reading. 

It’s possible to create the illusion of two separate spaces by cleverly positioning your media and furniture in a way that suggests the two spaces are set apart. Consider using a large shelving unit that is usable on both sides, a sectional sofa, or a sofa with a console table as anchor pieces to separate portions of the room.  

In each area, add features that will help foster the purpose of the space. For instance, if you’ve created a media area, provide side tables for drinks and snacks. If you’ve created a reading or conversation area, a coffee table with conversational books. 

Pay Attention to Scale

If your space has tall, vaulted ceilings, it is important to use larger, taller furniture wherever possible. If you opt for shorter furniture, your room will feel disproportionate. Think in terms of large bookcases, built-ins, larger, lengthier media centers, and oversized sofas and chairs. 

Using small accent chairs and tables will not only make the room feel disproportionate, it will eventually make the room feel cluttered. In an effort to make the room feel fuller, you will likely end up overcompensating by buying too many items, and the end result will be a room that feels cluttered with small items that probably don’t coordinate very well with one another. 

Use Lighting

Floor lamps are a great way to add decorative flair to any space and also illuminate corners of larger rooms which can be dark and shadow-like. This is especially important if you have a large room that is lit with one overhead light fixture. 

A great floor lamp not only provides excellent detail and stylish design to your space, but it also allows for the use of the entire room by creating more light and usability for areas of the room that would likely be forgotten. 

Pro tip: When adding lamps to your room, make sure that they all use the same kind of light bulbs. For instance, if your overhead lighting is soft and warm, a clean, white bulb will stand in stark contrast and create an awkward, uncomfortable feeling when both sources of light are illuminated. 

Additionally, watch out for large lamp shades which can track light directly to the floor. A lampshade should be wide enough to allow light to track upward and outward from the source; otherwise, the lamp operates more like a spotlight. 

Be Colorful

If you’ve always dreamed of using a deep, dark violet or outfitting a room with royal blue or navy, a large living room is a perfect place to use these saturated colors. While these colors can make a small room look even smaller, they can make a larger room look balanced and more inviting. 

You can even add a colorful accent wall in an especially large room, which will add depth and make it feel more inviting. A deep color on an accent wall sits beautifully behind a neutral sectional or sofa and can also be the perfect backdrop for media. 

The Takeaway

Large living spaces are to be coveted, and you can enjoy a large living space that is also cozy and comfortable by using the right furniture, creative placement, and design techniques. 

Modloft specializes in modern, simplistic pieces that work well in any size space. Our designers are obsessed with creating functional furniture that you’ll love. Our visually stunning designs are inviting and can help you create the perfect design for your large living room. 



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