How to Accessorize a Bedroom Dresser

By Alex Konrad | December 28, 2021

The top of a dresser is an odd space that many people find difficult to accessorize. Should you place a plant there? How about a mirror? Can the dresser support a television? 

To complicate matters, a dresser will be used on a daily basis, with its drawers being pulled and closed multiple times per day, often by multiple people. If you place something atop it that could easily fall, there’s a pretty good chance it will happen. 

There’s also the issue of having a dresser that doesn’t match or complement the remainder of your bedroom suite in any way. How do you make it less noticeable that the furniture is mismatched while not drawing specific attention to it with excessive decorative items? 

The team of design experts at Modloft works tirelessly to design pieces that are both modern and functional. We have a knack for designing rooms that create balance and energy. We’ll cover the different types of dressers available, ideas for styling them, and what to do if your dresser doesn’t match the rest of your furniture. 

What Kind of Dresser Do You Have

Simply determining what kind of dresser you own can help you figure out how best to accessorize it. Some dressers practically beg for large wall art or the placement of a flat-screen television, while others are smaller and look best adorned with minimalist items. 


Horizontal dressers are usually short and wide, but feature only one row of storage drawers, typically no more than three. Horizontal dressers are perfect for smaller spaces, single users, or additional storage in a bedroom that already makes use of a chest or larger dresser. 

Double Dresser

A double dresser is the most commonly used dresser, and the one you’ve probably got sitting in your bedroom. It is essentially two horizontal dressers connected side by side. The horizontal dresser features a wide frame that houses approximately six drawers. 

A horizontal dresser is the ideal storage piece for couples or for single users who have larger quantities of foldable clothing or clothing that is currently out of season.  

True Contemporary Dressers

Truly contemporary dressers usually have some element that makes them look a bit more modern and edgier than most. They may have drawers that are different shapes and sizes, be made from non-traditional material, or have special features that set them apart from a traditional dresser. 

These dressers can be horizontal or double in size and are great for anyone with a love of modern design.

Options for Accessorizing Your Dresser

Once you know which type of dresser you have (or want), you can begin to narrow down the options for accessorizing it. If you’ve always dreamed of a large mirror above your dresser but own a vertical piece, it may not accommodate the mirror, and another accessory may be in order. 

Here are four options for accessorizing your dresser. 

The Classic Mirror

The standard accessory over a dresser is a mirror. Usually placed horizontally over the dresser, a mirror not only gives you your reflection while getting dressed it also accommodates the unusually wide space over your dresser. Additionally, it helps open up the room and keep light flowing back and forth from one side to another. 

There are a few rules to placing a mirror on the wall above your dresser. Typically, the mirror shouldn’t be wider than the dresser; this creates an off-balanced look, can make your dresser look too small, and can make the mirror look gigantic on the wall. 

To avoid this, opt for mirrors that are between 4”-6” smaller than the total width of your dresser. If your dresser measures 4’, look for a mirror that measures 42”-46” wide. The mirror should not be less than ⅔ the width of your dresser unless you plan to accent the dresser with additional decor on the sides of the mirror.  


If you have a television in your room, the dresser seems like a good place to put it. While most modern televisions are very slim and lightweight, safety is the top priority in accessorizing your dresser with a television. 

If you have children in your home, the danger of them being injured by a tv falling over on them is real, so it’s important to make sure you anchor your television to the wall with anchoring straps if you plan to sit it on top of your dresser.  

A safer, and arguably more stylish option, is to mount the television to the wall just above the dresser. Not only will this eliminate the danger of it falling off, but it’s also a great way to use the space on top of your dresser for other items. 

If you mount your tv on the wall above your dresser, you can use the surface of the dresser to house a soundbar or possibly a gaming system. It’s unlikely you’ll be able to store a gaming system or other media device in the dresser itself. 

Lastly, mounting a television above the dresser keeps it higher, which is a more comfortable position for most people when watching tv, even if they are lying in bed. 


If you don’t want to use a mirror or a television, or if you have a smaller dresser that wouldn’t accommodate either of these items, artwork is the next best option. 

The key to accessorizing your dresser with artwork is to remember to utilize the wall space above your dresser. Adding style to your wall can seem challenging, but it’s simply a matter of deciding what you like and what creates a feeling of serenity and peaceful energy in your room. 

If you’re afraid you haven’t yet mastered the art of hanging a picture, you can opt for placing artistic decor on the dresser itself. A tall vase with an arrangement of flowers or greenery, an assortment of candles, and a larger piece of art that’s too small to sit on the floor are all options for displaying on a dresser. 

The wall space above your dresser is also a safe spot to display family photos or portraits. You can easily build a collection of favorite photos over your dresser and leave the top of your dresser free of any items at all. 

Ultimately, when accessorizing the top of the dresser, you’ll want to avoid clutter. Too many items can create an unbalanced look, while miscellaneous chachkis can make your room feel messy, disorganized, and smaller than it is.  


Limited on space in your studio apartment? If so, making use of the space atop your dresser for additional storage is virtually a must. 

This is a great place for storing items you use when you’re getting ready. Items like jewelry, perfumes, cosmetics, belts, scarves, and gloves can all find space in other containers placed atop a dresser. 

You’ll want to make sure you can avoid having the dresser top look cluttered, so the use of matching baskets, bins, or opaque containers can help you keep the style looking clean and tasteful while cleverly using the space to your advantage. 

Dealing With Unmatched Furniture

Your dresser doesn’t match, but there’s a need for you to use it a while longer in your space. You can offset unmatched furniture and help create a balanced room with good design by using some of the following tips: 

The Takeaway

Your dresser is a focal point in your room, and it offers the opportunity for you to accessorize it to match your bedroom. The options are endless, and you can create a unique space that works for your specific needs and decorative style. 



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