Unique Housewarming Gift Ideas

By Alex Konrad | December 28, 2021

Some of your favorite people just moved into a new home, and you’re hunting for the perfect housewarming gift that will not only be useful to them, but will complement their new style. This is a problem, though, because selecting a housewarming gift can be tricky. 

Should you give your friends something you use and love in your own home? Perhaps you could give them a piece of art, but it could be impossible to know if they’d like it. The usual safe gifts of wine holders, vases, and candles seem so trite. There has to be something better. 

If your new homeowners are just starting out, something standard you know they’ll need (i.e., pots and pans) would be the perfect solution, but if you’re really looking for something unique that checks all the boxes, you’re going to have to do better.

Thankfully, you’ve got the creative team at Modloft by your side. We not only create beautiful, contemporary furniture; we inspire style. We believe if you fill your home with beautiful and intentional things, you will create a beautiful and intentional life. 

We’ll cover what to consider before shopping for a housewarming gift, give you some suggestions for unique gift ideas, and tell you what never to give so you can avoid an embarrassing situation. 

What to Consider When Buying Housewarming Gifts

It’s easy to get something obvious, a candle, a wreath, a neutral-colored sign that says “welcome home.” It’s more impressive to give a gift that has thought behind it. Here are some considerations you should make before you begin shopping for a housewarming gift. 

  1. How do you know the homeowner? You can learn a lot about what to buy when you consider how you know the person for whom you’re shopping. Is this person one of your workout buddies who would love a set of towels for their new home gym? Do you know the family loves their pets and would be appreciative of a gift that honored their pet’s new space in the home?
  2. What is needed? As previously mentioned, if you are giving a gift to a person or family who is just starting out, they’ve probably got a long list of “most needed” items. Kitchen gadgets and supplies, additional bedding, and bathroom staples are always great options for those just beginning. 
  3. Consider their aesthetic. If your new homeowner loves a simplistic, minimalist look, the gift of an ornate set of candle holders will likely become someone else’s regifted housewarming present. A modern art junkie will find farmhouse chic decor offputting. 

These considerations can help you hone in on what types of items you might want to purchase, and can also help eliminate items you know won’t be appreciated or used. 

Unique Housewarming Gift Ideas

Whether you’re buying for the homeowner who already has it all or a friend who’s just starting a new home adventure, you want to find something useful, unique, and valued. Here are some great options for finding the perfect gift. 

An Upgraded Classic

A bottle of wine paired with an opener and wine holder is a really standard housewarming gift for a reason; people love wine. However, this gift is definitely an obvious choice. If you’d like to give the gift of liquor, level up the gift with a unique spirits server that doubles as a conversational centerpiece. 

A spirits server trumps a wine holder because it has the capability of holding more than just a bottle of wine. If your homeowners love whiskey, a spirits server can accommodate. Additionally, a spirits server acts as the perfect make-shift bar and looks beautiful set atop a console table or island. 

Something Reflective

Another classic housewarming gift is framed or canvas art, but it can be a huge risk to buy a piece of artwork even if you really know the person for whom you’re buying. Still, the appeal of buying your new homeowner something to hang on their walls makes sense. Our suggestion? Go with a beautiful mirror. 

Using mirrors in decor and design helps to open up a space and create more light. Mirrors reflect the room, making it appear larger and allowing the flow of energy from one room to another. A great mirror gives a room a natural appeal and is also useful if hung in an area like a foyer or bedroom. 


Give the gift of light, but not in the form of a candle. Instead, opt for an artistically designed lamp that could easily be used in a foyer, bedroom, or living room. A great lamp can help your new homeowner layer the lighting in a room by adding an accent that complements the already present ambient light. 

Lamps can also provide task lighting if they are placed in areas like reading nooks or home office spaces. 

Even the most well-appointed homes can always use additional lighting, and a beautiful statement-making lamp is an easy way to upgrade any room. 

A Conversational Centerpiece

In terms of unique gifts, there’s nothing better than a beautiful, conversational centerpiece. A centerpiece takes the guesswork out of decorating kitchen islands, a console table, or a dining set. A well-crafted centerpiece can last for decades and will be valued for both the thought and beauty it provides. 

Modloft offers a variety of beautiful, uniquely designed centerpieces that spark joy and conversation. Our popular Slice Centerpiece is available in polished gold or cool silver tones and features laser cutouts that give it an organic feel. 

This centerpiece can be set atop any surface to command beauty and attention on its own, but its multifunctional use allows it to be filled with other decorative pieces or even wrapped treats. 

The Gift of Opulence

Sometimes a new home merits pulling out all the stops. Giving a more extravagant gift is always appreciated and valued for years to come. A unique gift that can be enjoyed for decades is Modloft’s Belmont Bench. What makes this bench perfect for a housewarming gift is its versatility.

The Belmont is at home at the foot of a bed, as an anchor piece in the foyer, or even in the main living space. This bench features smooth, clean lines and impressive curvature that is modern, contemporary, and thought-provoking. 

This award-winning bench is more of a sculpture than a seat, which is why giving it as a housewarming gift is even more suitable. The functionality of this bench has been retained, and it is built to last for years to come. 

What to Avoid Giving as a Housewarming Gift

We’ve all got the best of intentions, but sometimes they lead us astray. Here’s what to avoid when shopping for a unique housewarming gift. 

The Takeaway

Housewarming ideas that are unique, functional, and beautiful are always appreciated by the recipient and typically used for years to come. Avoid purchasing items for new homeowners that will wind up in a donation bin by putting a little more thought into the gift-giving process and thinking outside the box. 

Modloft is a great source for unique gifts that work for virtually any home. Our pieces are thought-provoking, inspire conversation, and spark joy. 



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