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Dover Pendant Lamp

As Shown: Pendant in Walnut with Matte Black Edge, Light Fixture in Polished Brass

Dover Pendant Lamp


Seemingly custom-made for minimal, modern interiors, in truth, the Dover pendant lamp can beautifully illuminate a number of interiors. Harkening back to days of Old Hollywood, you can almost imagine starlets with finger curls and men in tails dancing below the glow. Even if the reality is more often light shining on a dinner table. We'll never tell; the glow is the same no matter the setting. The ring that circles the pendant is made of stainless steel covered in natural walnut veneer. Extending down into the circle, the thin pendant of polished brass is outfitted with a single bulb.


Dimensions Weight (LBS.)
20 DIA x 1.5D 9
Stainless Steel, European Walnut Veneer, Brass
Origin Assembly (min.)

The designer

Ronald Sasson Photo
Ronald Sasson
Internationally recognized having won the prestigous German Design Award and IF Design Award, plus a finalist in Brazil's Museu da Casa Brasileira, Brazilian designer Ronald Sasson has experienced a wave of success in recent years. Ronald pushes the boundaries of design with ultra thin profiles, refined metals, and exotic wood finishes to produce truly eye catching furniture-as-art.
Frequently asked questions
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  • For cleaning, use only slightly damp cloth followed by a separate dry cloth.
  • In case of small scratches apply a colorless wax. Always test a small area before applying in full.
  • Avoid contact with chemical bleaches and pets.
  • If the furniture has been in contact with acid liquids such as vinegar, sodas, fruit juices, lemon or others, always clean the surface with lukewarm water immediately.

Use only suitable products for conservation of the stainless steel, such as water and mild soap. Only using a soft cloth or sponge; after rinsing with soap and water, dry it using a different cloth to avoid the appearance of stains; In case of strong stains like rust, use an abrasive sponge (scotch bright) in the same direction as the original sanding pattern.

  • Bases or accessories with chrome, polished or painted finishes can first be cleaned with soft, dry clot; then apply polishing wax with a soft cloth, follow by a dry cloth. It's recommended to perform this process every 60 days, thus avoiding parts to lose their luster or rust.
  • Do not leave the base in contact with domestic animals.Their saliva or natural fluids may damage the parts.

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Dover Pendant Lamp
Shown as: Pendant in Walnut with Matte Black Edge, Light Fixture in Polished Brass
Shown as: Pendant in Walnut with Matte Black Edge, Light Fixture in Polished Brass
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Shown as: Walnut
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