Our award-winning designers are making what you have been looking for. Located around the world, they cultivate the latest trends in international modern design and tailor them for our clients. The result is smart, stylish, and, paired with our intelligent production process, beautifully priced home decor. Let our designers make your living space more special. Get to know our creative team.

Bartoli Design

Bartoli Design

"We design new pieces of furniture with the idea that furniture can create a good environment for your life, a pleasant place that can enrich and stimulate. We try to find inspiration in the landscape that surrounds us: it can be an art object, a form of nature, or just the flow of the pencil guiding our ideas."

In addition to MODLOFT modern furniture, the projects of Italian trio, Carlo, Paolo, and Anna Bartoli, span architecture, urban design, and interior design. Essentiality and balance guide their aesthetic sensibilities, and they've won multiple awards for contemporary furniture, some of which can be found in modern art museums around the world.

Designer - Norbert Geelen

Norbert Geelen

"Why go for thoughtlessly conceived and cheaply made throwaway products instead of beautifully designed and crafted objects? Be selective about what objects to have in your home. A quality product you love for its beauty and functionality will stay with you for much longer."

Norbert Geelen brings years of design experience to MODLOFT's creative team. He graduated from the University of Essen in Germany with an industrial design degree; freelanced for Mattheo Thun, an Italian architecture, interior, and product design studio; and opened his first studio with a partner in 1997. Today, he splits his time between his studios in Germany and Milan and puts his expertise-high-quality seating and tables-to use creating tables and chairs for MODLOFT.

Designer - Marcelo Ligieri

Marcelo Ligieri

"When I'm designing, I'm inspired by everything: nature, cars, architecture. I love that modern design is practical, objective, and impactful. People experience the home and its furniture every day, and that influences the quality of one's life."

Prior to joining MODLOFT's team of design visionaries, architect Marcelo Ligieri was educated at the Izabela Hendrix College. He pursued a career in commercial building, residential and industrial layout, and product development and now holds the art director position at Doimo Brazil. Complementary to MODLOFT's mission, Ligieri's team focuses on international furniture trends and produces products sold worldwide. Many have been exhibited in international fairs and selected for awards.

Designer - Mark Daniel

Mark Daniel, Slate Design

"Because a piece of MODLOFT furniture is potentially in an open floor plan, it becomes a sculptural object, something that can be walked around and viewed in 360 degrees. This means, every detail needs to be considered and thought through, from front to back, top to bottom."

Mark Daniel studied architecture at Georgia Tech in Atlanta and satellite school Ecole d'Architecture-Tolbiac in Paris, France. He traveled the world to gain experience in product development before taking positions with Jordan Mozer and Associates, interior architecture design firm, and OK Works, a custom store fixture company. Now at the helm of his own firm, Slate Design, he creates for manufactures and retailers and designs one-of-a-kind home furnishings for MODLOFT.

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