Frequently Asked Questions

What payment methods can I use?
Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and PayPal.
I would like to cancel my order. What do I do?
If your order was placed through one of our authorized retailers, call or email them to check their policies. If your order was placed directly with MODLOFT, give us a call or send us an email and we will cancel your order (as long as it hasn't already shipped).
How do I know my furniture order has been shipped?
Once it is on the truck and headed your way, you will receive an email from us with the name of the shipping company, their phone number and the order tracking number.

Will they bring my furniture inside my home?
If you ordered from one of our authorized retailers, you likely specified your shipping method at the time you placed the order. If you are unsure, give your retailer a call or send them an email requesting details. If you ordered directly from MODLOFT, you have the choice between standard inside delivery (first dry area drop off) or a premium five-star delivery including in-home delivery, with room of choice placement, unpacking and debris removal. Some restrictions apply*.

*Applies only to over-sized items. Small parcels are shipped via Fedex Ground to your front door.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?
For stock items, delivery times can vary between 3-10 days, depending on final destination. Deliveries to locations close to a MODLOFT distribution center will be faster end of that estimate, we'll be happy to discuss this with you when you place your order.

For custom items, delivery times are typically 12-14 weeks, as they are made to order in Brazil and shipped immediately upon completion.

Can I schedule a time for delivery, or will I need to make myself available the whole day?
The shipping company will call you about 48 hours in advance to schedule a 2-4 hour window for delivery.

I ordered multiple pieces; will they ship all together?
If will all ship together if it is on the same order, and all items are in stock. If one of several items is not in stock, your retailer (or MODLOFT) will ask you if you prefer the entire order ship together or ship partially.

I'm having an issue with delivery, who should I call?
Make sure you have your tracking number available when you call your respective shipping company. If you need any tracking or carrier information, you can email us and we will send you the information.
My furniture arrived damaged. What do I do?
We do everything we can to ensure that your order arrives to you damage free, but sometimes accidents happen along the way. If you receive your order and you see damage, do not fret - we're here to help. Here's what you can do to help:

* If you observe damage to the box at the time of delivery, make a quick note on the delivery ticket; the note can be as simple as "carton damaged".

* If you observe damage to the product, add a note to the delivery ticket. If the damage is too significant for you to keep the item, reject only the damaged item in its original carton, and keep all other items.

* Send several photos of the damaged carton and/or product to your retailer (or to, if purchased direct).

* Hold tight. Your retailer will respond to your phone call or email ASAP and will work with you to determine a solution that best meets your needs.
How can I care for my furniture to extend its lifetime?
Good things last even longer when you take care of them. Here's how you can take better care of your MODLOFT furniture.

Wood and veneer

* Wood and veneer are affected by light. For the first 6-8 weeks, when the item is first absorbing the surrounding light, keep the surfaces clear of any objects or decorations. It is possible that uneven light absorption could result in permanent marks and circles. New furniture will also need time to absorb light before it will match the tone of your existing furniture.

* Water is only to be used in small quantities and only in the form of a damp cloth. After wiping, always wipe dry with a dry cloth.

* No polish or oil treatment of any form should be used.

* Wood and veneer are very sensitive to liquids. Therefore, wipe up all spilled liquids immediately.

* Always try to remove stains with the mildest cleaning materials.

Furniture fabrics & textiles

* Ordinary cleaning: Vacuum frequently (once a week) and use ordinary textile cleaners for general cleaning.

* We recommend treating your fabrics with an approved Textile Protection to prevent stains and dirt from penetrating into the textile fibers before use and after having used a quality textile cleaner.

* Remove stains by using an approved Spot Remover. Stain-cleaning materials should only be used after they have been tested on a small, less noticeable area to check the effect on the material.


* Protect leather from direct sunlight and heat sources.

* For general cleaning only use a dry soft cloth.

* If necessary, wipe or lightly rub the whole surface with a clean, soft cloth wrung in soapy water.

* If vacuum cleaning, use a soft brush nozzle to avoid scratching the surface.

* We recommend using an approved leather care product to extend the life of your leather sofa or bed.